Reconciling with the past

Does being nostalgic over the past…even if it wasn’t pleasant keep someone mired in their current situation? While my life has improved much over the past decade (one would hope so)…I still find myself hanging onto remnants of things from the unpleasant part of my past…is it to remind me where I came from and to help motivate me to not get back to that place again….or, is it to remind me of my past and how I was and somehow keep me tied to that image?

Also, does ruminating over lost opportunities keep me from noticing and taking advantage of current opportunities? I find myself at times pondering lost opportunities…which I have no way of ever recapturing or magically taking action now that would change the past. What I need to learn to do is reframe my focus…yeah, I missed out on the opportunity, learn from that and apply it currently so there aren’t more opportunities I miss out on. The cliché’ “youth is wasted on the young” is oh so true.

Looking forward to better decisions and better life and letting go.


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