My job may be my perfect opportunity

In a previous post on learning to love the job that I hate, I found new inspiration here….

Like the security guard example my job really affords me the perfect opportunity to work side hustles. I work from home….and as mentioned before; management does not really push performance. And, I only work 4 days a week. There is no good reason (errr…excuse) that I can use to not be focusing on side hustles and bringing in some more $$. I am in an even better position than the security guard example because I do earn a pretty good wage.

What I do need to learn to be cognizant of is what needs to be or what can be done when. Example…stuff that I need to do outside in the yard I need to do during daylight hours whereas other stuff, online and whatnot can be done whenever (outside of any pressing deadlines or commitments to others).

Some things I plan on working on are: more writing, studying blackjack and card counting strategies, learning some web development….code academy, etc. and possibly working on getting certified in personal training. I have vacillated back and forth a lot on personal training….while I love to work out and the gym is my “happy place” considering the cost benefit analysis I don’t know if that would be a worthwhile pursuit.


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