Will I burn out like Icarus or Phaeton?

There are times that I worry (yeah, not a good alpha/redpill trait) that I may burn out at some point. I find myself wondering “what if I  push and try to expand my boundaries so much that I lose control…like Icarus or Phaeton and just burn out…plummeting down to levels worse than when I was a white knighting blue pill beta.”

There have been a few times in my life when I just launched into doing something and pulled off what I set out to do. Why do I concern myself with the possibilities of something bad happening?? I know growing up, raised a lot by my Grandma (a post will be coming on that)…she constantly worried…never a thought to what may go right but always what may go wrong and of course the absolute worst case  scenario would consume her thoughts and language. I need to learn to harness that spirit and mindset that I had during the times I just acted. I find it curious too…why is it that the APA, etc. find issue with alpha types, ex. Rahm Emanuel, who have by some been labeled a hypomanic. Why is it that credentialed organizations have labeled those who excel as having some type of disorder or deficiency? Is it to help soothe the psyches of those who aren’t as successful…they can sit back and think “thank goodness I don’t suffer from….? Objective for myself is to work on worrying less on what may go wrong and focus my thoughts on what actions I can be taking to propel me forward….key taking action.  I find that sadly ironic that I point out TAKING ACTION…reviewing some books that I have and the highlights that I made…they all focused on taking action, thinking/studying less…..at least I’m not thinking about starting a blog anymore….


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