Life’s too short to not go for broke – overcoming cheapness

Why is it that I have an aversion to spending money? It makes life very unpleasant. For some odd reason I would rather sit on cash than spend and enjoy it…a sad life. I think a lot of this has to do with my upbringing. I was raised by a single mom who was frugal. While I was provided for I grew up in an environment of saving rather than spending. A sad life. I remember going to the State Fair as a kid. We would pack up the car early so we could park inside the fairgrounds…certainly can’t pay someone who lives nearby to park on their lawn of course…must park in fair grounds and go early to ensure parking. Then we would pack breakfast, lunch and snacks. It’s the F’ng State Fair…you eat at the State Fair, but not my family. You go to the Fair, you can look at the food and watch other people enjoying it but certainly we couldn’t spend $$ buying food at the Fair. We would roam about for a few hours and then head back to our on the grounds parked car and break out our picnic basket of goodies. Oh the joy and fun of watching other people enjoy all types of deep fried on a stick food but I get to go back to the car and eat casserole from a thermos or a nasty sandwich that got soggy while sitting in the cooler.

While I hated this as a kid oddly enough I find myself exhibiting the same behaviors…not to such an extreme, but I do find myself not enjoying the fruits of my labor like I should. I have been improving however. A few recent trips to Vegas I have stayed in more upscale/center strip hotels rather than the $29 per night at the Riviera way at the north end of the strip. I am also spending money more freely on good things for myself like organics & natural foods.

Like Eminem says in Berzerk “life’s too short to not go for broke”. This mentality of just sitting on money is not very red pill or Machiavellian.


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