2014 – Year of the Reboot

We are now in Q4 of 2013 and it is time to start planning for what I want to accomplish in 2014. It really does not good to come up with a New Year’s Resolution on New Year’s Eve. How effective is that? Given that there was probably alcohol consumed and I am not in a contemplative and reflective mode whatever I come up with would probably be some bullshit, feel good in the moment goal.

I started to keep an Excel spreadsheet and will add a worksheet for each new year. Down one of the columns I list each month and as the month passes I visit the spreadsheet and strikethrough the text and fill the cell red to give me an alarming visualization of the passing time. Also in the spreadsheet I list some of my objectives & trajectories. Sadly reviewing 2013 I did not accomplish much. Even sadder is a lot of these did not require any resources other than my carving out time to do them. It really is sad to see definitively the passing of time and lost opportunities!! I have let excuses and laziness get in the way of meeting the objectives I set for myself. For one, I let my job consume more time than I should have. I did work from home for the majority of the year so that cut out a huge amount of commuting time I still would offer to pick up more OT than I would have liked. The OT however did afford me the opportunity to take two trips that I did have on my list for 2013 so all was not lost. Perhaps I did not WANT what I had put on my spreadsheet but simply wished for them?

2014 however has to be a different year. A complete reboot if you will. My focus will be on me, developing my dark triad/Machiavellian personality. My objectives will be primary and work will be secondary. It is frustrating to see 1/3rd or more of my check syphoned away to taxes, benefits, etc. This coming year I have the opportunity to sign up for an HSA rather than traditional benefits…this means I will be able to take the HSA with me if/when I leave my job. In addition to developing myself I will focus on my side hustles. I will work to the point that side hustles are able to replace my income.  In addition to my side hustles I have some women goals – As others have written HERE developing oneself will/should lead to more success with women rather than working on just pursuing women. Working on oneself will have reward me multifold. By working towards getting forward momentum on my career(side hustles)/income and fitness trajectories that should in turn make it easier to meet attractive, quality women.

Now I do not plan on making further posts about my goals but will post as I accomplish them. I tend to agree with the camps that say that announcing your goals makes you less likely to achieve them.


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