Red Pill Depression

With taking the Red Pill there may come a time that you feel somewhat depressed. In my case reviewing the past and seeing missed opportunities gives me a slight feeling of regret and depression. While depression and regret is not very Machiavellian or Red Pill, I must learn to use these recognitions to avoid missing opportunities available to me now and in the future. I can’t become focused on looking backwards that I end up missing opportunities that might be in front of me now, and opportunities to come.

 In my younger days I was absolutely fearless. I would talk to people, girls, etc. w/o censoring myself or getting worked up in my head before talking to them. In fact I had a friend who made the comment that he always liked hanging out with me because he felt better and more confident about himself when he was around me.

But then I started to age and started to fill the “role prescribed by society”. I started to behave more beta and would censor myself before talking…I became a “nice guy”. I would worry about talking to girls for fear of possibly offending them, saying the wrong thing or interrupting whatever it was they were trying to do. I became a shell of a man.

But now that I am digesting the Red Pill and I see the error in my ways from my beta, nice guy days…however I must learn to temper reviewing the past for missed opportunities as a self-education exercise to that I becoming wallowed in looking backwards. I must move forward and act accordingly with my knowledge from the past. 


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