Funeral Fraud

Driving to the gym I noticed something that I have been noticing more and more in just the past few weeks. People positioned at the stoplights of busy intersections holding signs describing the death of a baby hustling to collect money for funeral expenses. The sign will of course have some details of the baby with some vague horrific story of how this baby was taken away much too early and now the family, unprepared, has funeral expenses to cover.

I hate to sound callous and cynical, but I don’t believe it at all. I believe these are the same type of people who strategically position themselves at a four way stop of Costco, Walmart or some other busy store.  They would be camped out at the stop sign so they at least briefly had a captive audience.  Often times these people would also parade their kids along to hopefully tug at the heartstrings of passersby. Oddly though, one could look across the street to the McDonalds that prominently displayed “Now Hiring” on their signage. They probably made more and had to put out much less effort panhandling though. Curious what type of work ethic (ethics at all) the kids will grow up to have. What an example for the parents to set.

Well, I think that game got played out. I think the well dried up and people stopped feeling guilty seeing the poor family and kids hanging out at the stop sign. Now there is a new game in town and I call it funeral fraud. Now that the kids aren’t drawing in the funds they have to turn to dead kids. Get some poster board, print up a pic from the internet of a baby, or hell, maybe even use a baby picture of your own kid and write up a mini fake obit on the poster board. Wait for rush hour and go to a busy intersection. Now you can use your dead kid to draw in funds, until that well dries up.

I remember a time not too long ago when there was an actual funeral for an actual child (or any unexpected death) where the family wasn’t prepared to cover expenses…however rather than just camp out at an intersection and expect handouts they would host a car wash….you would actually get something or a service for your contribution, not just handing over money. Why no car wash?? I’m in AZ, it’s not like winter is a problem. It will be interesting to see the evolution to the next scam. Myself. I will just sit back and “Enjoy The Decline”


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